“It’s not because of me, it’s because we’re coming together as a team,” Lin said. “We started making these steps earlier but we were still losing close games and so obviously it wasn’t fun. But when you win, that solves a lot of problems. The most important word in the language of change is TRUST. Without it, you will only get what looks like change on the surface while underneath things remain the same. When you don’t have time to make lengthy explanations about why you are doing what you are doing, only TRUST will carry the day..

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wholesale jerseys from china This is something I learned very early. I mean if I got to wake up and go to meetings tomorrow morning, I not getting hammered tonight if I can avoid it. I know I learned. The list of names of people who fought cancer can be seen on the black band along the bottom of the jerseys.The Brandon Wheat Kings forward is the one player who added a name to the list of people who battled cancer on the special jerseys that the team will be wearing during their third annual “Pink The Rink” event, a Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser.Armour’s grandmother Joyce Armour died last October of lung cancer after battling the disease for a year.”I try to play hard every night but there will be a little bit of added significance,” the 18 year old Winnipegger said. “Playing with her name on my sweater will be cool. Hopefully we can have a good game for her.”The jerseys are auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Cancer Society.Armour expects his family to attend the game and they plan to bid on his jersey.The team raised more than $30,000 at the event last year for the cancer society.While Armour will be the only member of the team with a family member name on the jersey, overage defenceman Mitch Wheaton said it meaningful to the entire roster.”I think it huge for everyone,” Wheaton said wholesale jerseys from china.